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                   The Great American BBQ debate....should I use Charcoal or Gas?

Great question!  Surprisingly there is no right answer.  It depends on you.  Taste tests reflect that there is no significant difference in flavor.  So, the choice is personal and depends mostly on how you plan to use your grill.  Do you grill every night or just on special occassions?  Do you cook burgers and franks?  OR Turkey and roasts?  Is cost an issue?  Is time an issue?  Gas grills are initially more expensive up front but they cost less to operate over time.

Charcoal users feel there's nothing like the taste and smell of grilling over hot coals. Sometimes it's the feeling of tradition and fond childhood memories that has them starting the fire and tending to it properly while they cook.

Gas grillers like the convenience of the perfect fire at the push of a button and appreciate the precision temperature adjustments gas grills can provide. Afterwards, the re is  no charcoal to mess with before they cook and no ashes to deal with when they are done.

There are also two methods of cooking; direct and indirect cooking methods.
Direct Cooking - This method of cooking is good for  searing and cooking foods that take less than 25 minutes to cook.  Examples are steaks, hamburgers, and chops. Food is placed directly above the heat source and must be turned halfway through the cooking time to expose both sides to the heat.

Indirect Cooking - This method of cooking is good  larger cuts of meat and all foods that require longer cooking times and low temperatures.  Think ribs, roasts and the like. Foods are cooked by reflected heat, similar to a conventional oven. This allows juicier meats without having to turn the food and without danger of burning. This method can ONLY be used in a covered grill.

Charcoal or Gas? Both great choices - pick the one that is right for you.  Come and see us today.  We have a wide variety of gas or charcoal grills and smokers. 

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