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Gas Inserts
Old masonry fireplaces are inefficient and do not produce the heat that is expected to warm our living spaces.  A gas insert will transform your drafty masonry fireplace into the heat efficient focal point of your home.  New technology has made the gas insert more than five times as efficient with the blower as the open fireplace.  Lisac’s has a variety of inserts to fit your home décor.  
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Freestanding Gas Stoves
New technology meets centuries old style of heating.  Freestanding gas stoves offer the beauty of premium craftsmanship with the versatility to retrofit anywhere in the home.  With the advances of design and sizing, freestanding stoves offer versatility to fit your heating needs.Click here for more information

Pellet Stoves and Inserts
The efficiency of pellet stoves, along with the manufacturing of premium local pellets, makes them the cleanest burning fuel alternative available.  Pellets, being the most efficient fuel option and all natural by-product of the timber industry, create the perfect combination of low cost and low environmental impact.  You can rest assured that pellet stoves are as good for you as they are the environment.  

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Wood Stoves and Inserts
This section includes woodburning stoves, inserts and zero-clearance wood burning fireplaces. 
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