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     Twin Eagles founder, owner and operator is award-winning Gas Engineer, Dante Cantal.


     For more than 30 years, Dante has been instrumental in the development and evolution of commercial and residential cooking equipment. Dante started his career in 1977, designing residential appliances for White Westinghouse and General Electric. Over the following 20 years, Dante directed the design team at leading restaurant equipment companies, U.S. Range and Jade Range, where he designed commercial cooking equipment for major restaurants and hotels. Many of these designs are still in use today.


     Dante's expert knowledge of residential appliances and high-performance, commercial cooking equipment, set the stage for his transition to premium grills and outdoor kitchen equipment when he co-founded Lynx in 1996.In the late 1990's the premium grill and outdoor kitchen trend were growing rapidly. Dante immediately saw an opportunity to use his expertise to design grills and outdoor kitchen equipment for several major brands including Dynasty, Maytag, Jenn-Air and Ducane to name a few.


     In 2005, Dante introduced the Twin Eagles line of products – a true culmination of past experiences, refined and perfected to ensure exceptional design, construction and performance.Creative design, handcrafted construction and professional performance have long been the characteristics that have made Dante a leader in the premium grill and outdoor kitchen industry. These traits are the foundation for the Twin Eagles line of products.Although Twin Eagles style is truly unique and each product is constructed to exacting standards, the performance of the grilling system is what separates Twin Eagles from other premium grill brands.

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