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Building Stae of New Home
New Fireplace in a Remodel

     Lisac's understands the unique pressures that today's contractors face when designing a home with a fireplace in mind. Lisac's professional, contractor specific sales team can help assist you in any design or installation concerns that you might face. With many years of working directly with builders Lisac's has built a reputation of quality products and grade A professionalism that allows contractors the confidence and knowledge that the unit will be the right “fit” for the application. Just stop by or set up an appointment to speak with our Lisac's PRO Team.

     We carry the most popular, state-of-the-art hearth products from America’s leading manufacturers. Their excellent design and outstanding performance help your homes show beautifully and sell more quickly

     Planning ahead is a crucial part of a seamless install! There are several things to consider when deciding on a hearth product in new construction or a remodel. Lisac's can help you with these considerations while keeping in mind cost and size factors. From the smallest remodel job to the flagship “Street of Dreams” home, Lisac's PRO Team can work with any size of project.

     Lisac's encourages contractors to access The Travis House of Fire Design Center at Linked to The Travis Design center provides instant specs with Spec Wizard on the most popular products. Also available are installation videos, install manuals and CAD drawings. Lisac's teamed with The Travis House of Fire Design Center  is an outstanding resource for contractors and new home builders.

    Our competitive pricing, commitment to customer service and unparalleled knowledge and experience means you save time, headaches and costly delays.  Your customer will see the difference in their fireplaces.

      Lisac's superior quality and outstanding service make us #1 with high-end custom builders. We have been a major supplier to the Portland Street of Dreams and the Parade of Homes since 1993. In 2006 Lisac's was named exclusive supplier of the Street of Dreams providing hearth products to all 6 homes featured. Lisac's has a successful, longstanding track record working with builders in the Northwest. We look forward to working with you!

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