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You can find the link to The Oregon Energy Trust  and Oregon Department of Energy Here!  

List Of EPA

Certified Stoves

Click The Image

Beautiful Stove but EPA Approved

Fuel Calculator:

Click the Star for a link to a fuel calculator. Find out what it cost to heat per fuel used. Happy Calculating.......

Wood Heat

Wood Heat:

This is an invaluable source for information regarding burning with wood. Feel free to take a gander and come teach us a thing or two.

Burn Wise

Burn Wise:

Burn wise is a partnership program of the U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency that emphasizes the importance of burning the right wood, the right way, in the right wood-burning appliance to protect your home, health, and air we breathe.

    We here at Lisac's believe that education is very important and an informed customer will be successful configuring their appliance. Please do not hesitate in asking questions. 
         "There are no dumb questions"

Gas Fireplace Service & Repair

     Gas fireplaces, inserts, and gas log sets need regular professional service by a certified technician. Manufacturer's and utility companies both recommend professional maintenance on an annual basis. Our technicians are trained by some of the largest manufactures in the hearth industry. You can be rest assured our technicians are qualified to service your gas fireplace, insert or gas log set.


Our Premium Gas Fireplace Service Includes

          · 15-point diagnostic check

          · Gas/CO/seal-leak testing

          · Vent and ignition system check

          · Full service cleaning

          · Necessary touch-up to firebox

          · Refreshing glowing embers


We repair or replace the following parts

          · Valves· Knobs· Seals

          · Thermopiles

          · Thermocouples

          · Pilot assemblies

          · Control boxes

          · Igniters

          · Wall switches

          · Add a remote control or blower

          · New decorative glass fronts


     Realtors, Home Inspectors and Commercial Property. We understand that time is money; we are committed to serve you in a timely manner so you can move onto that all-important closing date. Along with our Premium Service, .

Expert Trained Technicians
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